black ice.

my most challenging shoot to date. 

black ice.™

@arabaankuma  x @tayojr

a collaboration that features the black bodies of two unique photographers.

it began with the idea of “black skin | white snow” but evolved to incorporate a number of contrasting elements. an unsettling conflict between the fragility of skin and the bitter elements. the balance between poise and power. and the never-ending war between light and dark.

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enough is enough.

On November 25, 2014, students from The University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and various others from the city of Philadelphia mobilized and marched for the mistreatment and blatant murder of Mike Brown. 
Now, almost a year later to the date, students and civilians alike mobilized once more to continue to march and protest the injustices and racism exhibited on the campuses of Yale and the University of Missouri. 
We will never get tired. We will never back down.

But how much longer do we need to keep marching for?

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"..and if i die before i wake, i pray the Lord my soul to take.." --- a prayer ive said nightly ever since i can remember which depicts the uncertainty of just a single night of rest. life is single-handedly the most sacred gift anyone on this planet has received and also has the ability to give. thus is the reason why i was more than happy to help a fellow friend commemorate his recently. it was a very special one too.. his jordan year --- a year to celebrate one's achievements and accomplishments and toast to the myriad of successes that the future holds, which is exactly what i aimed to illustrate through these photos.

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there's the common adage that "luck is when preparation meets opportunity". it's one thing to read it or hear it said but it holds an entirely new meaning when you can truly relate. over the past two weeks, i was given the amazing opportunity of connecting with popular YouTuber, morgan brown. fashion photography has always been the niche i have wanted to expand into but was always too picky with the prospective subjects that knocked at my door. 

then popped up @itsheymorgan. 

though we were IG followers for a period of time, to say i knew much about her or what she did before meeting her would be dishonest, nevertheless after a short conversation i was immediately humbled at the greatness that stood before me. having started her youtube channel a mere year ago in 2014, morgan has already racked up a very substantial following for her lifestyle youtube channel, accumulating over 100,000 subscribers in that short time frame. from her unique and distinct style to her wonderful personality, it was a no-brainer when she asked for a collaboration. i truly a remarkable feeling to work with another energized, devoted, like-minded millennial. 

i can honestly say that this photo shoot is my best work to date. from the scenic and urban backdrops, to the styling, nothing could have been executed any better (though there's always room for improvement(s)!). most of all, though, it was such an enjoyable, effortless experience.

london street style.

it goes without saying that london is one of the fashion capitals of the world with some of the most renowned fashion designers hailing from the spectacular city. thus, during my visit there a few weeks ago, it was only right for me to grab a few shots of the myriad of styles and impressions which littered the streets of oxford circus.

it was truly inspiring to see the unique sartorial choices which individuals of varying ages, sex, ethnicity and body type made, especially to me-- someone who has a very eclectic taste when it comes to style. i unfortunately didn't get the chance to make the journey to the acclaimed  saville row, a holy ground for any tailored gent, nevertheless, central london provided more than enough taste to quench my thirst.

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last month, i embarked on a "vacation", so to speak, to my hometown of lagos, nigeria. i put vacation in quotations because even though it was planned to be a relaxing, enjoyable trip filled with good vibes and tranquility, i received much more than i could have ever imagined. 

prior to this trip, the last time i had stepped on nigerian soil was when i was a mere six years old. i am now twenty-one, and was without a single clue as to what exactly it meant to be nigerian. that's fifteen long years of being disconnected from my culture.. my background.. my true roots. i had always taken pride in being rooted and grounded in my culture; usually being boastful of a heritage that's generally looked down upon with criticism and judgement but, during this trip of a lifetime, my naivite was truly exposed. the simple fact of the matter is no stories i heard, food i ate, videos i watched or conversations i had could ever compare to me actually being and experiencing all those things firsthand--- IN nigeria. it's sad to say but in the first few days i was there, i felt like a foreigner in my own land. i would walk around the streets flabbergasted at the things i saw-- the beauty of the land which media outlets fail (and purposely do so) to cover and show to the rest of the world. it was the first time i actually discerned and was able to wholly diffuse into my nigerian heritage.. the first time i could honestly, and i mean honestly, say that i was proud to be nigerian. 

now i won't go into detail on everything i experienced as volumes could easily be written but i will leave you with these photos.. photos i hope will help give you a glimpse into my trip to naija. a trip out of which i gained priceless and infinite wisdom/knowledge and to a country which, unfortunately, many will never get the chance to know the beauty of which it's lands, people and traditions display.

video after the jump as well.