there's the common adage that "luck is when preparation meets opportunity". it's one thing to read it or hear it said but it holds an entirely new meaning when you can truly relate. over the past two weeks, i was given the amazing opportunity of connecting with popular YouTuber, morgan brown. fashion photography has always been the niche i have wanted to expand into but was always too picky with the prospective subjects that knocked at my door. 

then popped up @itsheymorgan. 

though we were IG followers for a period of time, to say i knew much about her or what she did before meeting her would be dishonest, nevertheless after a short conversation i was immediately humbled at the greatness that stood before me. having started her youtube channel a mere year ago in 2014, morgan has already racked up a very substantial following for her lifestyle youtube channel, accumulating over 100,000 subscribers in that short time frame. from her unique and distinct style to her wonderful personality, it was a no-brainer when she asked for a collaboration. i truly a remarkable feeling to work with another energized, devoted, like-minded millennial. 

i can honestly say that this photo shoot is my best work to date. from the scenic and urban backdrops, to the styling, nothing could have been executed any better (though there's always room for improvement(s)!). most of all, though, it was such an enjoyable, effortless experience.