art, more specifically, that of photography, has always held a deeply rooted foundation in my life, before i even owned a worthy camera. regardless if it was polaroids i first began with at the age of 9 or the film/dslr cameras that are now in my arsenal, it was never the technology or device that i was enthralled in but the ability to capture a moment. to be able to document the emotion, mood and aura of any certain individual in any given location at any moment in time. 

c o n s c i o u s    c r e a t i o n

that was and is what will continue to be what i find so captivating about my photography as i draw inspiration from the variety of outlets that i am surrounded by on a daily basis: architecture, culture, fashion, and human beings.

photography was never an obligation to me and i never intend on making it become one.

yours truly.




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